This is undoubtedly one of the best-known and most-loved small towns of the French Riviera area. Vence boasts a strategic position making it well connected to Nice and Antibes, and placing it close to one of the French Riviera’s international nerve centers: Cannes. Only 20 minutes from the sea, lying just behind Antibes, Vence enjoys a special tranquility and “art de vivre”.

History of Vence

The town presents fortified walls, in some stretches made up of series of houses linked to form a town wall. This particular architecture gave improved protection from seaborne pirate incursions. A visit to Vence is thrilling for the union of Arab, medieval and roman-influenced remains with the modernity of top-level hospitality represented by luxury hotels, famous restaurants and art galleries. The Moorish influence is seen in the typical ogival doors, while particular interest lies in the history of Vence linked to the Templars. The South of France’s strong links with the Knights of the Temple is well known, but at Vence one can see particularly important evidence.

Luxury hotels and a special charm

Vence is not lacking in fine hotels, especially hotels transformed from old buildings.
The particular atmosphere that one can absorb in Vence makes it a place not to be missed during a visit to the French Riviera. A series of secondary roads makes Vence a focal point for also seeing Saint Paul de Vence, Cagnes Sur Mer, Villeneuve Loubet, Biot & Antibes, all places great or small but all possessing great historical interest.
Noteworthy is the fact that some of the hotels in Vence can boast of being transformations of medieval castles or churches, allowing the more culturally inclined visitor to plunge into another dimension of chivalric orders and enchanted places.

If you love historic centers and the particular atmosphere of small towns in Provence, Vence is the place for you, and the Riviera Excellence suggests visits to surrounding villages.

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